Summer Cook Out Beer Pairings

Beers and Burgers: For me, the best kind of beer to pair with a juicy burger would be something with malty sweetness. Why, you ask? Because it’s my life and I can do what I want. So I would recommend something like a barleywine, porter, dunkel, or marzen. The sweetness of these beers will help… Read more

Dodder Beef Stew

February and March can be Winter or Spring depending on the day. A hearty Irish beef stew made with our dry Irish stout, Coal Miner’s Dodder is just what your soul needs to make sense of these crazy days. Have fun making our Dodder Beef Stew! Download the recipe here.   Ingredients  8 bacon strips, chopped… Read more

A Moment on the Lips Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake, heaven in a cup! Our new favorite person on the planet… the Beeroness. Have you heard of her? She has an amazing collections of recipes for cooking with your favorite beers. We opted for our new seasonal ‘A Moment on the Lips’ for our first test kitchen recipe. Chocolate, Orange and Cheesecake, how… Read more